Congratulations you’re having a baby!  If you are reading this article it’s possible you are looking to choose a newborn photographer to capture all your newborn baby’s delicate little features, then this is the article for you.

Here are 4 essential questions you should ask every photographer you contact.

You should ask these questions before booking your newborn’s photo shoot so that you are sure your baby’s safety is put first and foremost.

How do you choose a newborn photographer?

Choosing a newborn photographer is something to focus on in the early stages of pregnancy.

Most newborn photographers recommend around your 20-week scan, sooner if possible. Most professional newborn photographers are incredibly busy and you run the risk of not being able to book a slot if you wait till last minute.

You should be excited when choosing the correct photographer but who do you know who to trust with your baby?  There are many things to consider and decisions to make and you may start to feel a little confused and overwhelmed.

So here are some of the most important insights learned during my 10 years years of experience as a newborn photographer based in Glasgow.

newborn baby girl snoozing in hammock

1. Research 

Most parent’s think that all newborn photographers are the same. I can assure you, they’re not!

Newborn photography in the UK is unregulated. This means that anyone can set up as a newborn photographer with no safety training what so ever.  Mind blowing I know!

As an experienced newborn photographer, I find this very worrying. Regularly, I see babies in unsafe and uncomfortable positions in the hands of inexperienced and untrained photographers.  The internet is littered with distressing stories and images.

Ensure you choose a photographer with professional training, otherwise, you could be putting your baby at risk.

Ask around for word of mouth recommendations from people you trust, and then research the recommended photographer before you decide to book.  I would urge you to have a phone consultation with the photographer too.  Emailing them wouldn’t give you the information you need.

Explore the market to find a photographer who can demonstrate a track record of satisfied customers and high standards of professionalism.

Check their website.  Do they have a social media business page?
Check reviews and feedback.  Are there any negative reviews?
Get the photographer on the phone and have a chat, emailing for pricing is not furnishing you with the correct information.

Newborn baby swaddled in pink in Glasgow newborn photo shoot

2. Beware of the Cheap Budget Photographers

Don’t be tempted to take the cheapest photographer out there, if they aren’t trained professionally, or work as a photographer as their main job, or who offers incredibly cheap prices, be wary of the “if it’s too good to be true” rule.

It’s tempting, but you get what you pay for. If the session is cheap, let common sense prevail, your baby’s safety comes first.

Look for a trained professional photographer and in particular someone who specialises newborn photography, yes, the prices will reflect that however untrained photographers are most likely to offer a second-grade service.

Newborn baby girl sleeping in wooden crate

3. What questions should you ask? 

Ask rigorous questions about what professional newborn training that they have had.  But what questions should you ask if you are unsure?

Whilst there is no regulated newborn safety training, you can ask your photographer if he/she is a member of a newborn photography association such as BANPAS?  Most professional newborn photographers in the UK will be members of a professional industry association like BANPAS (the Baby and Newborn Photography Association). Photographers who are members will have the BANPAS logos on display on their website they will also have their business listed on their website

Each member has to prove that they follow a range of stringent safe working practices which have your baby’s safety as the top priority.

Your photographer will undergo various newborn training workshops.  I recently was mentored by Jillian Greenhill who is based in Abu Dhabi and travels to teach newborn safety training here in the UK.  Other newborn saftey training courses are held in Cheadle, Manchester with the Newborn Baby Posing Limited, the courses are expensive and not funded, so you know your newborn photographer is invested in how serious newborn training and safety is.

Glasgow newborn photographer photographs newborn baby in studio

4. You love all the cute poses but are they safe for my baby? 

Trained and experienced newborn photographers can show examples of how these complex baby poses are accomplished (see below for my examples).

Froggy-pose-newborn-photography-glasgowNewborn-Safety-froggy-pose newborn safety froggy pose

Your baby is always supported and images are stitched together in editing software.

Your photographer should be willing to explain how they safely handle babies and also explain that your baby may not be suited to specific poses.  Not all babies are super bendy straight out the womb and a trained experienced newborn photographer will never force any baby into poses that are not suitable.

Once you have all your questions answered you can start to plan the colours, outfits and props for your newborn photo session with your photographer and start to get excited about the beautiful images you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Should you wish to choose Dawn Martin Photography, I’m based in Glasgow and I have a warm, bright, comfortable studio, 5 minutes from the city cnetre.  You can contact me on 07581 561646 or use the contact form on my website.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dawn x