The Benefits Of Having A Newborn Session In Your Home.

Hey! Congratulations you’ve just given birth to your beautiful newborn baby.  Have you ever thought about having your little one photographed at home?

It’s quite possible you’ve just gotten home from the hospital and you don’t feel ready to make the trip to the studio for that newborn photo session. However, you are aware that these tender, early moments only last a few weeks until your baby will no longer be tiny and you are aware you may miss the opportunity to have those wonderful sleepy pictures taken.

There’s no need to panic, you can still get these early days recorded because you have found a photographer who offers a newborn session service in the comfort of your own home.

A newborn session in your own home it takes so much of the stress out of taking pictures for both the parents and the baby, a relaxed mum makes a relaxed baby.

Some parents want to get out the house for a much-needed break or breath of fresh air and heading to the photography studio is perfect for these families. However, some mother’s are tired or sore after giving birth and need more time to recover and get used to having a new baby to look after and venturing outdoors few days after birth is just not an option. You may have already booked a newborn studio session; don’t worry, it’s not a problem to change it to a home session if this suits you better.

I bring everything I need for the session. All I’ll need from you is a warm room with good natural light and a little bit of space to set up. I’ll create all of the images you can see here on the blog and website and it will all be done in warmth and comfort of your own home.

You have the peace of mind that if you need to feed or nurse the baby or grab a snack or even have a nap yourself, you can just pop into the next room for some privacy. A home session is completely stress-free.

The benefits are endless for having your newborn session at home and you’ll have exactly the same images as you would in the studio, you can even catch up on your housework, all while I record all of those newborn moments while they last!

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