As a portrait photographer based in Glasgow, it is my job to capture a snapshot of time in your family’s life.  It’s easy to capture what you all look like but it takes more skill and effort to capture how you feel as a family.  You want your portrait session to be fun and relaxed, so when you look back at these images, they will convey happiness.
In this post, I will describe my method of how to prepare and family for their photo shoot and the tricks I have to capture natural, organic emotional connections, in a fun-filled 60 minutes.

The key element is I get to know my clients really well before the shoot.   I really get to know you before so that you get comfortable with me.  I get to find out what you want from the session and I can then accurately deliver it.   This is impossible to do if you do not know your photographer. Makes sense, right?

Before the session,  I find out what you expect from your session and I let you know what to expect from me during the session.  I also want to find out what it was that attracted you to my photography that me you get in touch with me.  Afterall, you’ve probably looked through a good handful of photography websites before contacting me.

I’ll ask a few questions to get to know you and your family better

  • How you describe yourself?
  • In 5 word, describe your partner
  • What age are your children?
  • In 3 words describe their personalities?
  • What do you love to do as a family unit?
  • What do you hope to portray through these images?
  • How would you like to present the images after the session?

All these questions are REALLY important in helping me get to know you a little better.

Helping you prepare for the session is important.  If you have young children it’s vital we schedule the session around their nap and snack times to avoid the dreaded ‘Hanger’.  Bring toys to the session to keep them occupied.

So what should you wear?  Most people seem to think black or white should be worn for a photo shoot.  I have no idea why people should think this but I try to guide people away from these colours to something more flattering.  Bring a few options to change into during the shoot.  I’ll help you style when you arrive.  Generally, I advise families to wear medium shades, such as blues, neutral pinks, greys, light browns, and pale greens.  I also advise you don’t all wear matching colours, coordinate colours from one outfit to the next, mix it up a bit.  Don’t wear outlandish patterns, but plain patterns or if you do have to have patterns, just one or two people not the whole family.  Girls can wear pretty dresses, skirts and blouses and for the boy’s plain or simple patterned shirts and jeans or chinos.  The goal is for everyone to compliment each other so then you look at the images you are all one flowing unit and your eye travels around the image naturally.  Patterns and bright colours make your eye jump from person to person, we want to avoid this.

Next post I’ll talk about how I get the authentic emotional connections between family members,  including siblings who are always fighting with each other.  Amazing, I know!

Jillian Greenhill is one of my all-time favourite newborn photographers, she’s based in Abu Dhabi.  Jillian is talking about how she prepares her clients for their newborn sessions on her blog.  Check it out.

Twin brothers hugging and smiling

Girl smiling in the sunshine

Mother and daughter sitting in sand dunes

Brother and sister sitting in flowers

Mother and father playing with their sons in a park

Family in glasgow studio photo shoot

Dad playing with son in park

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Dawn Martin Photography is a Scottish newborn and family photographer proudly serving Glasgow, and South Lanarkshire. Dawn creates beautiful portraits of your children, as newborn babies and as they grow into little people.