Since the dawn of digital photography most photographers sell digital files to their clients and thats the end of the service they provide. Do people even know what to do with these files?

I think this is remiss and a disservice to well paying clients who probably aren’t aware of the endless possibilities when it comes to what amazing products you can have your images printed on.

Here’s the thing, people come to a professional photographer for our expertise and part of that service is the quality we put into our artwork. But many photographers just don’t help YOU, the client, with what happens after your photo shoot.

If I sell high-resolution digital files, I know that my clients probbaly can’t colour correct, change the colour space or have the software to soft proof images when it comes to sending files to print.  See, what the heck is she talking about!  It’s my job to help my clients avoid potential pitfalls when it comes to printing.  Yes, yes i’m aware of all the amazing bargains you can get online or on the High Street but I can 110% rock solid guarantee you the colours will be not be an accurate representation from what you see on your original files and your £9.99 canvas will be bent, buckled cracked and faded within the year.

The prints you get back from your High Street printer will not look good AT ALL.  So why hire a professional photographer and then not have a high end product to display your images? 

As a full service photographer it’s my job to show you the possibilities of how to display your images. Do you have lots of empty walls in your home that are blank canvases awaiting you to hang the story of your  family?

Here are some of the products you could consider.

Deep Framed Canvas – I offer beautiful canvases stretched over oak wood, nestled free-floating within a deep wooden frame. Canvas wraps have a reputation of being so 1980’s but not the ones I sell. 

Framed Wall Art – Is your home traditional, modern, rustic or opulent? I have stylish frames to match whatever style of home décor you have. I can come to your home and show you a variety of styles, measure your walls and give you options of what would look good. Contact me for more details.

Got a modern home? You should look to the HD Acrylic Orb.  Something a little different that will get an automatic WOW from your visitors.

Multi Aperture frames. When hanging photos on your wall (framed or canvas) you can choose to hang a single photo, a multi aperture frame or wall collection to create a real focus piece.

 In the middle of moving house, renting or you just don’t want to put holes in your walls to hang wall art You have desk frame options – perfect for placing on shelves, desks, or tables around the home.

Memory Boxes – A very popular option with my clients. You can keep your box on the coffee table and display your photos, or you can keep the prints inside the box as a keepsake to pass your precious memories down to your children.

Image of printed photographs, product banner.

Albums – Too many beautiful images from your photo session and you can’t narrow it down to one or two images? The Lux Album is the perfect solution allowing you to display all your images in one place. The album is professionally printed and can be displayed on your coffee table or bookshelf.

Still want digital files?  Well of course you can have those also.  All my packages come with a combination of digital files and prints.

If you’d like me to create some beautiful newborn portraits of your baby then you can contact me on 07581 561646, or here, or email me at [email protected].

Dawn Martin Photography is a Scottish newborn and family photographer proudly serving Glasgow, and South Lanarkshire. Dawn creates beautiful portraits of your children, as newborn babies and as they grow into little people.