I’ve been a family photographer for over a decade, however, a few years ago I decided to go to university to complete a degree in Photography.  To gain a deeper understanding of the subject a large part of the coursework involved researching other photographers and project they had created. Initially, I really disliked research but as I progressed I found research invaluable and discovered photographers I would otherwise never know about.

Jill Greenberg is one photographer who probably everyone has heard of. In 2005 she photographed portraits of crying children aged between 2-4 a project called “End Times”. Each child appears in a state of distress due to having a lollipop removed from them. This project created a huge scandal worldwide and Greenberg was accused of abusing the children by getting them to show emotion. The project was in-fact created as a metaphor to reflect her frustration with the politics of the Bush era.  https://www.jillgreenberg.com/end-times/

I know from first-hand experience as a baby photographer that it doesn’t take much for children aged 2-3 to throw a huge tantrum, and I’ve attached some outtakes from some sessions of my own.  You can safely say that I felt a bit overwrought after some of these sessions myself ;0)

Amanda Haddow Photography is newborn photographer based in Victoria, BC and whose work I follow regularly, you should check her work out, it’s beautiful.


Collage of babies crying

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