How to let go of stress if your baby gets fussy during a newborn photo session.

Dec 16, 2016 | Advice, Baby photography, Newborn


So you’re reading this and you’ll have seen all the beautiful photographs of babies looking all sleepy and relaxed and now you want to book your newborn photo session.

You’ll more than likely want similar images of your new little one to gift to family and friends, add to thank you cards, and show your adorable baby to all your friends on social media. However your photo session day arrives and your baby (who normally sleeps like a drunken sailor) is wide awake as soon as the camera comes out.

You’re thinking, “Please stop crying. Clam down. Please just go to sleep!” If this scenario occurs during your baby session, just stop, relax and remember that all babies cry. Crying is completely natural and every baby does it at some point (sometimes a lot) during a session. It’s not weird; they are not doing it on purpose or to embarrass you. The best thing you can do is relax, your baby will sense that and relax too.

Yes, crying can be stressful but it won’t last forever and in fact these early, precious months will vanish all too quickly and you’ll forget how her eyes wrinkled up when she was crying, or how red his face was he was upset. Crying images show raw emotion and are just as important as the cute, sleepy ones you’ll find here on the website.

The reason for booking a session is to document the first images of your baby’s life and crying is a part of life. Looking back at these images in years to come you’ll remember all the stressful nights you were awake rocking baby to calm him down. Sure those times were stressful, you survived it and they bonded you and baby lovingly, together forever. So if you get a crying baby, it’s not the end of the world or the end of your photo session. If you have your heart set on some sleepy baby photographs we can always take a break and try again and if all else fails we can book another session on another day.

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    great information and it will certainly put parents at ease.


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