Having a newborn baby is easy, said no one ever. Let’s be honest, it’s not exactly plain sailing. There is no doubt we love our gorgeous little darlings, but the reality is, new (and experienced) parents get tired and can become confused and upset when the baby is crying and don’t know the baby needs. So here are some tips I’ve learned over the years and I want to share them with you. Who knows, they might help you tonight.

Tip 1: Swaddling
Your baby has been in the womb for 9 months, they are used to a warm, confined, snuggly space. Swaddle your newborn baby up nice and snug is a good calming method. Swaddling decreases fussiness and you’ll soon find your little one fall asleep.

mini newborn photo-shoot_02

Tip 2: Side-Laying
Sometimes newborns can have a little tummy trouble. Try holding your baby on her left side, on her stomach or try over your shoulder and you should see your baby start to relax.


baby girl smiling during Glasgow newborn photo shoot

Tip 3: White Noise
Want baby to fall asleep fast? White noise is a blessing. The baby shutter is the closest thing to what your baby would have heard in your womb. I use it in the studio all the time and It works every time, I go home nice and relaxed at the end of the session too! I bought mine from Newborn Baby Posing Limited, just click on the link and it’ll take you straight to the baby shusher. The iPhone store has lots of white noise apps too. I’ve even heard of babies falling asleep to the noise of a hairdryer!

Baby Shusher

Tip 4: Swaying
The sway method is created by small circular movements which help to soothe the baby. I think this tip comes naturally to most parents. You can gently bounce up and down or sway from side to side. Keep the movements small and consistent and support the baby’s head while moving. You can always spot a parent with a newborn in a shopping queue, they are always swaying from side to side.

Newborn baby facial profile

Tip 5: Sucking
I recommend parents to bring a dummy/pacifier to their newborn session. Sucking is excellent to help baby relax and drift off into a deep, contented sleep. A pacifier helps the baby focus and remain calm. The pacifier is only used for the shortest period of time and can be thrown away after the session and your normal routine can resume.

sleeping baby swaddled in Glasgow newborn photoshoot

I hope these tips will help your baby reach a state of relaxation and let them drift into a deep sleep. Sleep is so very important for a baby, think of all that growing they do in the first month alone. Maybe when your baby wakes you up in the middle of the night, one of these tips will help you.

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